Entry #1

Vote for Abductard and other toons @ AniBoom!

2008-12-10 17:41:36 by ronnieraccoon

Click here to see "Gunk! in Abductard" at the AniBoom Awards and go vote!

You can see Gunk here on Newgrounds, too: e.Click Here
The contest ends in five days so I'm making a final push to get Gunk up into the top 50! Go vote for Gunk to get it back up in rank! Click the email link to send it around, it helps. While you're there go and vote on other toons as well!

Vote for Abductard and other toons @ AniBoom!


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2008-12-10 18:03:13

The animation in this was fantastic man, and I love the exaggerated actions the characters go through. I voted man. Good luck

ronnieraccoon responds:



2008-12-10 18:07:12

aniboom's contests are fixed, man

ronnieraccoon responds:

Judging by the crap that's actually winning, I suspected as such. Although somebody from the website actually invited me to submit, so maybe they'll fix it for me. >:)


2008-12-11 00:13:37

totally gonna vote for it


2013-10-30 14:43:07

New Post Plz!